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Wednesday, May 18th 2005

6:36 PM

Rest of the World vs. MrThayer

A big announcement today from ChessWorld.net Webmaster Kingscrusher,

"I am happy to announce that MrThayer has agreed to play a coaching oriented Rest of world match on our site for players rated 1600 and below. MrThayer has developed a great reputation on the site as being a friendly and instructive chess coach."

MrThayer is Charles Thayer, a USCF Master player. I know from my own experience that this will be a great game and opportunity for improving your game.  I've played 18 games against MrThayer over the past couple of years - and lost every one of them!

The games are available for download here. I've learned a lot from those games and I credit MrThayer and his coaching style for helping me improve to where I am today. You'll find some of MrThayer's chess material on the main pages at OnlineChess.ca, including Chess Rules, and recommended Chess Openings. This material may help the Rest of the World Team but it won't be easy!  

ChessWorld.net has hosted a number of Rest of the World games in the past. One of the keys is that this is a team game, and that everyone is encouraged to openly discuss tactics and strategies and view the latest ideas before voting for a move. This game will be unique since MrThayer will be the main coach for the game as well as opponent.

Kingscrusher adds, "It is highly encouraged for these matches to have discussions which are as educational as possible. Therefore players interested in coaching chess, and studying planning and positional play are especially welcome to join in the discussions.  The idea is to raise everyone's standard of chess and help improve chess thinking. Long boring unexplained tactical variations are not welcome in these discussions."

Sounds good to me!

You can join the Rest of the World Team by logging-on to ChessWorld.net.
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Posted by Satish Talim:

Sounds interesting. I play on Chessworld.net and I am trying to find out whether there is a time limit on these matches.
Wednesday, May 18th 2005 @ 7:12 PM

Posted by ChessSmith:

This game will be a 5 days per move limit - the ROW team will have to be quick with our analysis and voting.
Wednesday, May 18th 2005 @ 7:27 PM

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