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Monday, October 17th 2005

8:45 PM

Problem Solved

About a week ago Satish Talim posted a chess problem on his blog that I repeated here. In my Sunday morning pre-coffee haze I thought I'd stumbled on the solution. Not!

Here's the position with White to move - mate in 2.

At long last the problem is solved thanks to 'cat's eye'

1.Qb7 to b1 or f7
1...Qc1 then 2.Qf7
1...defend F7 then 2.Qb1

...and just to be sure I peeked at the solution given in the back of the book!

1. Qb7
1. ... Ng×e5 2. Nce7
1. ... Nf4 2. Nde7
1. ... Nc×e5 2. Nd4
1. ... Nc other or e×d5 or d×e5 or Qf4/e3/d2/c1 2. Qf7
1. ... other 2. Qb1
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